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So many families are looking for their lost pets, but there are also so many stray, abandoned, lost souls out there who have no one looking for them, no families to call their own. They rely on each and everyone of us to be their voice, do not let them fall between the cracks, if you see something, say something, speak up, speak loud and be heard for them!

I work endlessly on lost dogs but my heart and soul has always gravitated to the stray and abandoned and I will ALWAYS help when I can. Some of the cases I am contacted about, it is simply the need for proper set up of equipment, or the experience and know how to trap. However, 90% of the cases I take on, it is literally blood, sweat and tears, working to find and capture. 

Each and every rescue is not only immeasurable time involved, it is bait food, gas, tolls, wear and tear on our vehicles, rental vehicles if needed to transport larger equipment, lodging if and when not sleeping in my car, equipment costs, etc, etc. It all adds up. Your support means more abandoned and stray dogs can be helped. This video is just a handful of the abandoned and stray souls that Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery has captured. Your support saves and changes lives! Thank you!! Click here to give your support!

Here is also a list to our Amazon Wish List of much needed supplies.


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