Keep Sightings Off Social Media

One of the first things I advise people is to KEEP SIGHTINGS OFF SOCIAL MEDIA!!   

You have worked your butt off hanging posters, getting the word out and all that work finally pays off with a sighting(s). 

You are excited and want to share this great news with the world and all who are intently following your posts. You post the location of the sighting only to have well intentioned people go to the area and try to catch your already scared and frightened dog. 

Suddenly strangers are out there literally hunting your lost dog in the area you just shared with the masses on Facebook, on foot, in cars, with other dogs, calling, and whistling. 

What will 99% of the people do even though you have clearly stated 'DO NOT CHASE'? They will see your dog and in the excitement of that moment they will approach your dog, chase your dog, call out to your dog, it is human instinct. 

You need your scared dog to calm down and settle and not feel pursued, with people out there searching your dog will not settle, he/she will run from that area and possibly in to harms way. This is one of the most difficult hurdles when working a lost dog case, everyone thinks they know best or have a better way with your lost and frightened dog. Social media is a blessing and a curse with lost dog recovery, everyone wants to be the hero.