Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery is a tremendous nonprofit organization, a true asset for dog owners and rescues looking to bring lost dogs home safely. Nicole worked tirelessly to bring Luke, a Great Pyrenees mix who was on the run in Mercer and Hunterdon counties for eight days, home safely. Not only does Nicole care about these animals, but she also cares about the people connected to these animals. Without her guidance and expertise, Luke would not have been captured and returned to me safely - he would still be on the run, fending for himself. I'm in awe of the amount of time and resources Nicole so lovingly gives to each case. Not only did she not hesitate to make the four-hour roundtrip to my area four times to establish a feeding station and trap, but she also spent countless hours on the phone with me as we worked together to capture Luke. She offered a steady hand through this process, ensuring me that Luke's capture would be successful. She's one of the most caring, genuine and selfless people I've ever met. Nicole is the real deal and her organization is a gift to anyone looking to recover a lost animal. She goes the extra mile it takes to bring these animals home safe and sound. Thank you Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery for reuniting me with Luke and for all of the countless other dogs you have helped capture and return safely.

Frederique  Adam-Jupillat



On the morning of Saturday, August 24th, Animal Alliance director received a call from the new foster mom of a sweet but skittish, 15 pound chihuahua mix named John John, stating that the little guy had escaped her yard and was no where to be found! He had only been in the home for five days and everyone was panic stricken! The foster mom, neighbors and AA volunteers began to search the immediate area, getting a few sightings nearby to the foster home that day but all who saw him indicated that they were unable to get near him. We had no idea which way he went, where he would go next, and how he would survive being out on his own/getting across streets/etc. Driving around in circles hoping to catch a glimpse of him was all we could do that day. A helpless, frozen feeling set in.

The following day, after hearing amazing things about Buddha Dog Rescue, Animal Alliance submitted an online request for assistance in locating John John. Nicole (Buddha Dog herself!) was quick in responding and after talking to her for just a few minutes, the hope that John John would be found returned. Nicole clearly had a wealth of experience and knowledge in the subject of lost dogs and expertise in finding them. She informed us about how John John would be ok because he would be in “survival mode,” with heightened senses that would help him avoid predators and/or other dangers (which she told me included people, even ones that he was familiar with – who knew?!). That meant we had to change our tactic of driving around/searching for him (& instruct people not to do that) and focus on blanketing a five mile radius around the home from which he ran with posters requesting that no one chase or call out to him and that any sightings of him be reported. Nicole was swamped, working several other cases far from where John John had run, and was unable to physically come out and assist but promptly created a poster for us to print & post and provided us with specific instructions on how/where to hang the signs. She said we should track any & all sightings, set up feeding stations at the foster home (as dogs will often circle back to where they ran from) and any other sightings along with a camera to try to catch a glimpse of John John. John John was spotted about a mile from the foster home on day 2 and 3 of being missing. We set up feeding stations and cameras but no luck. Then 10 days with NOTHING, no sightings. Our hope was starting to dwindle again but Nicole was consistently available to keep it up, saying that we needed to be patient and give people time to see the posters. She assured us that he would be seen by people going about their normal day and regular business. Well she was RIGHT – on Thursday, September 5th, day 13 of John John being missing, a young man called us around noon stating that he had seen John John on a road which was almost 5 miles (!!) away from the home he ran from (but still in the 5 mile radius Nicole suggested we put posters up in). We proceeded to the area, did not see John John but set up a feeding station/camera nearby. The hope had returned full force at this point! John John had made it through heavily wooded/mountainous terrain as Nicole had predicted and was coming closer to a more highly populated area where he would surely be seen by more people! We put up more posters near that new sighting. Day 14 passed with no sightings and then on the morning of Saturday, September 7th (exactly two weeks from when he initially went missing), a resident on the same road in which John John had been seen just a few days prior stated that he was in her backyard hanging out with her chickens and goats! The woman followed the instructions on the poster, contacted us, did not chase or call John John, and just patiently sat/laid in her yard and he actually started to move towards her! She got some food from inside the house (a chunky beef soup) and patiently lured him with it until she was able to get him to walk into her kitchen door & quickly close it behind him! I guess John John had enough of the feral life and was ready to give up! Well he is safe & happily back in the custody of Animal Alliance while he awaits his forever home! A million thanks to Nicole – we would have given up much sooner without her guidance and support. Buddha Dog is the BEST!!!!!

Animal Alliance of NJ


Nicole is the most amazing, selfless, hilarious, and genuine woman I have ever met in my life. Whenever I think of super hero’s I think of marvel of course but this past week the word super hero was redefined for me. Nicole spent 5 straight days and night helping me and my boyfriend find our dog Phoebe who was lost by a former friend of ours on a 4 mile hike into the woods. Nicole had no fear of weather, wildlife, or nasty employees at Staples. I will never ever be able to repay her for the gift she gave my family and I, not just the gift of my dog back, but also the gift of my life back. If I had not found my dog my life would have never been the same. I don’t think I could have ever given up on my dog and luckily Nicole didn’t which is how we got her back so quickly. 

Thank you Nicole for this gift.

Molly Shea


I am so very grateful to Nicole for spending 5 days and nights looking for Phoebe in Worthington State Forest. Her determination and her kindness and her knowledge of tracking animals are the reason that we found Phoebe, and are still standing. May God bless you. You are truly an angel.

Patti Shea

Nicole was such a comfort to my family during a very stressful time. It is clear she is in it for the love of reuniting families with their beloved, 4-legged friends.

Whenever I go though a period of darkness, I look back with gratitude to see the light. Thank you, Buddha Rescue!

Carol Caruso


Nicole is our miracle. Our pup was lost in a state park an hour away from our home. Three hikers recommended we contact BDRR and within an hour of receiving my request, Nicole called my cell and gave me explicit instructions on what to do and explained the dog’s survival mode perfectly. We followed all her steps and thanks to her, our Lily miraculously found her way back to our car in the dark at 11:30pm. Nicole convinced me not to leave and stay in the car overnight. She was absolutely right. She even called me the next morning to check in. That’s how dedicated and caring she is.

Chari Topol Allison


"Words can never express what you have given me. “Thank You” seems to be such a small thing in comparison to how my family and I feel about your returning George home. Survival Mode is so real and an unimaginable state to explain without witnessing it. When I reached out to Nicole I was terrified! My 18 month old Shichon George had escaped from a friend that was taking care of him while my family was away on vacation. I’ve raised him from 8 weeks old and he had never slept a night without me. The thought of my 12lb little fluff ball running loose in Hawthorne Heights devastated me. Coyotes! Hawks! Buddha Rescue came highly reccomended from friends and family.

48 hours after George was gone I had a long thorough conversation with Nicole. She detailed my next steps and explained Survival Mode to me in great detail while reassuring me that George was taking care of himself. Nicole also strongly cautioned me to NOT CHASE or CALL OUT - it would drive him away. I couldn’t believe it - I mean this is my baby - how could he not come to me? Nicole explained that while in Survival Mode a dog is protecting itself and may not recognize its owner. As we worked on following George through calls and social media a pattern appeared - people were trying to “catch” or “get” him and he RAN... fast... just as Nicole said he would. We tracked him through towns and came within a block of him - then yet another person tried to “get” him. Then fireworks happened for 3 days in a row and we had no idea where he was.

From Monday until Friday afternoon not a sighting. I was so scared and just mired in horrible visions of my lost puppy. Nicole continued to keep me positive. And then the phone rang - George was 6 blocks away from my job. I bolted over and called Nicole. Then the calls started pouring in - Nicole plotted out exactly where he had been hiding . A few minutes later we saw him! I threw myself down on the ground and waited for him... he came within 5 feet of me ... and RAN. My puppy didn’t recognize me! Nicole had warned me but it still stung my heart. We saw him a few more times that day - he ran and ran.

That night Nicole set up a feeding station but we had nothing. The next morning she called me with a feeling “ Velma I just know he’s there waiting “ and back to the neighborhood she went. There he was. In a backyard as calm as day. Nicole quickly set up a trap - he smelled the liquid smoke ... right into the trap he went! I ran up to him and he didn’t know me. It took him about a minute - literally 60 seconds to stop pacing and start crying. He became my George again just as Nicole explained. “Velma ... he will not initially know you ... and then a switch will flip and he will. It is that simple and that fast” ... He was a dirty stinky matted happy mess! The vet was amazed at what good shape he was in! He had lost weight and was dehydrated but otherwise great. He SURVIVED. The Survival Mode instinct protected him just as Nicole told me it would. George is home and back to his normal happy rain hating self. My family and I will always be thankful for Nicole and Buddha Rescue."

Velma Ranger Wachausen


No words can express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for all that you have done to help us find Stella "Bella". You are truly an amazing person. Your wisdom and support helped us to locate Bella. Thank you for immediately coming to our community and for acting quickly. You are a special person and you were always reassuring and gave us the tools, comfort and knowledge to find our beautiful lab. 
Donna Chiaia - Franklin Lake, NJ

"First and foremost... I am forever grateful to Nicole at Buddha for getting Collin to safety. This entire ordeal has been a complete nightmare and Buddha just ended it for us! I couldn’t think or even type last nite… I was filled with emotion knowing Collin would not spend another night outside trying to survive. Being 4 hours away and never having dealt with a lost dog in this manner... I knew nothing about dog recovery. Nicole contacted me on Nov. 25th and right away ... I knew this woman was a pro. She gave us direction as to what to do, what not to do and stayed on this with us day and night. I have to also say Nicole is the most genuine people I have encountered. Her heart is truly in this… they are true rescue people along with a special skill! For anyone who has had the pleasure to meet or work with her… you know exactly what I’m talking about! Amazingly, they trapped Collin in 5 days… I really wish I had called them sooner. They spent days and nights out there watching and waiting for Collin… Nicole sick with pneumonia did not give up and we were not either! Seeing the condition he was in… he certainly would not have survived too much longer. This sweet shy boy is alive and safe and I can’t ever thank Nicole enough… I tear up every time I start to think about when I got the message from Nicole last nite…. “got him”. Collin is safe, he spent the night in the ER and will be on the mend for quite awhile, but he is alive and all due to Nicole n…. Not giving up! I am forever grateful. If you are ever in this kind of a situation, please take my advice and do not wait! I will be shedding tears all day.... thank you Nicole! <3 <3 <3 The hearts are from Collin!"

Tanja Macaris - Legacy German Shepherd Rescue


"We would like to thank Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery for safely trapping blue. We couldn't have done it without you, you're the best of the best!"

Eleventh Hour Rescue


"Last week Lulu, our 8- month old rescue, pulled out of her collar while I was taking her for a walk in our yard. It was 7pm and pitch black outside. Lulu had only been with us for 6 days and she was incredibly skittish and unfamiliar with her new surroundings. I gently tried to approach her but she got spooked and bolted down the main road, faster than I could keep up with. After helplessly driving around my neighborhood for hours I decided I would try again in the morning. The next morning I drove around again, but no luck. I made posters and hung them around town. Nothing. I was devastated and had no idea what more I could do... Later that day a friend suggested I contact Nicole Asher at Buddha Dog Rescue. I called Nicole and even though she lived well over an hour away and a hurricane was on the horizon, she immediately calmed me over the phone jumped in her car to come help me find lulu. Nicole taught me all about tracking dogs and how to generate effective sightings by people in town. She assured me that once the sightings started to come in we would have a 90% chance of getting lulu. I have to admit I wasn't sure if I believed her. The odds seemed impossible. But sure enough the sightings came in, and Nicole was able to track lulu . Within 24 hours Nicole had trapped lulu in a humane crate and our ordeal was over with a very happy ending. We had our girl back- thanks to Nicole."

Courtney Feldman


"Hi, Nicole,

Update on Bea: she has been doing ALL her business outside for the past 3 weeks or so. Only accidents are when my husband goes to leash her up: she gets so excited!

She is super-duper smart. And sweet. Has met the neighborhood dogs . . . a little. She's careful. NOT into meeting the people, however but they're very understanding and we'll get there. Funny, she showed no hesitation with us. I guess she was just so glad to be home, any home!

She's such a sweet, adorable and smart little girl. Hard to belive she's been through so much. Nicole, I can't even imagine what would have happened to her if you hadn't come to the rescue. I just don't think she ever would have surfaced . . . Nice to go to sleep knowing she's safe and sound. Thank you for that.

Ginny Read


Nicole really do know how to trap a dog and reunite them with family. We are so blessed after 2 long weeks to have our Great Dane Nala back home. We tried on our own for days then Buddha Dog Rescue stepped in. They put up hundreds of flyers, took over, marked sightings on a map, stayed out at night in their car watching for the dog, set up traps and through their hard work and perseverance they finally caught our girl. She is back home safe and sound sleeping on the couch. We can't thank them enough!!"

Lynnea Olson


"Nicole, Thank you for helping us get Ginny back! You have an amazing talent! We couldnt have done it without you!

Sadie Mae foundation


"My dog recently went missing. I had no idea what to do, where to turn, the right thing to do, the wrong thing to do. I put up many flyers, had family and friends helping out the best they could. Some people had referred me to Nicole of Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery. I was a little skeptical of calling at first but the moment I started talking to her, I felt positive. The most positive I felt in the almost 3 days that she was missing. I called Nicole Tues morning. We had sightings that night. Had my dog back home by Wed evening. Nicole definitely knows what she is doing. She truly has a gift and I will be forever grateful for the amazing job she has done. If your pet goes missing contact Nicole. She is the best!!!!"

Sara Grosse


"I cannot begin to express my gratitude and appreciation to Nicole . From the moment she found out that bailey was missing she was in her car looking for bailey. Nicole jumped right into action..creating the flyer, helping to distribute them and spent countless hours looking for Bailey. I am forever indebted to her for her kindness, her calm demeanor, and her passion. Nicole is an amazing human being. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Jose and Tina."

Jose Faggiani


"I can't say enough good things!! We would never have been so successful getting our dog back so quickly without Nicole's help! She literally dropped everything and rearranged her life to help us."

Robin Guzauckas


"I have never met anyone as passionate as Nicole, she worked tirelessly trying to find my pup, Apollo! There aren't enough words to thank you enough for all that you do!"

Petra Conen


"So blessed and thankful to have Nicole's help with getting our Sophie home to us..our family is once again complete and we are forever grateful!"

Tammy Dilorio


"Nicole combines her natural love of animals with her drive and expertise to show time and time again that she can get the job done. Her commitment to the animal is what sets her apart from what I like to call "the psychic network rescuers"... There's no phony baloney just Nicole ' s hard work that helps these lost babies find their way home.."

Cara Petricca


"I have followed all of your rescues sometimes on the edge of my seat and am always in awe of your dedication and devotion. You never give up and always get the dog home."

Julie Wyland



Nicole-2 Persimmon -0
Our Percy likes to keep Nicole busy but once again he was no match to her boss like trapping skills. After missing for 33 hrs he was trapped by Nicole.
We posted hundreds of flyers and 10 calls and sightings came in. NICOLE figured out his pattern in a nano second after that the traps and cameras were placed.

At this moment in time we have decided that Persimmon has found his forever home with our rescue.
Buddha Dog unleashed some serious Seal Team Six skills and saved his life again. God bless you. The adventure is over."

Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs


"10 years on the streets of the Bronx, but just about 36 hours on the streets of Poughkeepsie. Thank you, Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery for simply being the best at what you do. "Got him" texts from Nicole Asher are some of my favorite messages to receive! Trapping a loose dog is not a 9-5 job. When a trap is set, Nicole will sleep in her car monitoring it by camera. Nicole constantly shows there is only one way to do something, the right way, and her results speak for themselves. Buddha Dog and Nicole ROCK! Thanks for rescuing Percy and bringing him to safety in not only the Bronx but also Poughkeepsie."

Angela E. Flesland

"For 19 days our dog Kellie was lost. For 19 days our family was broken. We searched, hung signs, and spoke with everyone we saw. Friends and family rallied around us, strangers and businesses too. We met wonderful people who understood our search and heartbreak. We were grateful for the outpouring of help and support but nothing was bringing us any closer to having Kellie home.

We reached out to Nicole of Buddha Dog on our 17th evening. Nicole jumped right in and did what she does best. She took the time to listen to Kellie’s story, studied her and the map we had created of the sightings. Nicole scouted the area, made a plan, and put it all into motion. On the 19th night of Kellie’s being lost, Nicole put our family back together. She sat outside the enclosure where she had trapped Kellie, talking tenderly and lovingly until Lisa arrived.

We do not know how to say thank you and express our gratitude to Nicole in a way that would do justice to how we feel. Her understanding of dog behavior, especially that of a dog she has never met before, is amazing. She uses her training, knowledge, and her excellent intuition to bring them home to families that love them so dearly.

If your dog is missing, do not wait another minute, call Buddha dog/Nicole, follow exactly the instructions she provides you with, answer her questions with all the information you can provide her, and then be ready with open arms to welcome home your best friend and family member."

Lisa, Erin, Viki, Michael and Kellie


"We are so grateful for Nicole Asher at https://www.buddhadogrescueandrecovery.com for taking over the Search after 7 long days. Though we are grateful for the help of the other group, without Nicole's vast knowledge of dog trapping and her state of the art equipment, #Babycakes may very well still be lost. There were so many obstacles and resistance (yes resistance) but Nicole overcome all of it to bring our baby home to us. Yesterday, at 5am a heavy rain storm came (I believe God brought it to us) and Babycakes apparently sought shelter on the back porch of a home approximately one football field length away from the feeding/trapping station where Babycakes had been conditioned (also photographed and videotaped) to come eat for the previous three days. The residents had recently received a Robo call about our missing Babycakes (Nicole recommended I buy that service) so when they saw the dog on their porch they did not hesitate, they put two and two together... they did not call her name, they did not chase her, they let her sleep and called animal control. Sean at Toms River Animal Control picked her-up and on his way back to the shelter he stopped at WaWa. He parked right in front of one of the signs that Nicole made for us (I had just hung that sign about 10 minutes earlier). He saw #Babycakes picture and called my number which was boldly posted on the sign. Minutes later Babycakes was being dropped off right at the front door of our Aunt & Uncles house where we were staying in Toms River. We cannot tell you enough how important it is to have the right person doing the right job at the right time. If your dog ever unfortunately winds-up missing, Nicole Asher is that person to call immediately. We love her! We believe without a doubt that God had divinely appointed her in our lives for such a moment as this. Last night we all finally got a great night's rest and #Babycakes slept on some comfy blankets and in her bed for the first time in 12 days."

Patrick and Barbie Racaniello   


Nicole is the most amazing dog follower I have ever met. She has helped us at The Sato Project find multiple lost rescue dogs. I have to say that sometimes what she says makes no sense. Her instructions go against everything you think makes sense. Follow her to a T and your dog will come home. Ignore her and it will just take longer. Listen to her no matter how un natural it seems. We are not out there working for anything but the dog. Listen and go home with your pup. Thank you Buddha Dog Rescue. You Rock once again.

Barbara Repetski / The Sato Project


Unbelievably dedicated group of people finding dogs and reuniting them with their owners. The level of perseverance knows no bounds.

Stacey Feinman Peltz


We never would have gotten our foster girl, Molly, back without Nicole. We are so grateful.

Marianne McCormack


They brought our baby boy home after he had been out for 4 days. He was a very timid new rescue so I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to be caught. They were very kind and caring individuals. They also were extremely helpful in keeping us informed as well as portraying the confidence we needed to see to be reassured that our boy would come home! And he did!!! I could never thank them enough for what they did for our little family.

Cheyanna Nicole


The 'gold standard' in finding lost dogs. No one does it better. You never want to need them but thankful they are there if you do.

Tes Hanley


Nicole is amazing! Without her, my Roni would have been lost forever. Only 2 weeks after adopting him, he went missing on Staten Island during one of the longest cold snap in years. I was distraught and was totally inexperienced in what to do next. Nicole was on the scene within an hour. She carefully detailed her process and provided instructions on next steps. She reviewed everything from weather conditions to topography maps to lay out strategic postering schematics. She was with me every step of the way, 24/7! Her dedication is above reproach. All those hours sitting in her car, zero degree weather, little food and running on coffee alone, she never doubted we’d find him. I, on the other hand, was on the verge of collapse. Four days, 3,800 posters later and after a long night of sitting in the woods in sub-zero weather, she trapped my baby and brought him home just before a major snow storm. There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think of how lucky I was to have Nicole! Without her, my kid would have been lost forever.

I was fortunate enough to be present when she worked her magic another time this past summer. I was helping find a lost dog for another SATO adopter, when Nicole was on the case. Believe me when I tell you, I’ve seen her scale fences, dodge traffic and crawl through some of the most disgusting debris you can imagine - something none of us would do, to find a missing dog. Her dedication is unwavering.

They call her the “Dog Whisperer” and she is! Written up in the New York Times and has an unprecedented track record of success. You can’t go wrong with Buddah Dog Rescue & Recovery.

Thank you for all you do! 🐾🐾🐾

Kim Chung


I don't even know where to begin with how amazing Buddha Dog Rescue is. After a month of seeing post after post of a limping stray dog that nobody was able to catch, I decided to reach out. I thought it was a long shot since she is in such high demand, but her immediate compassion for the situation literally brought me to tears. She talked me through a few things that needed to happen and then in less than 24 hrs on the case and within 2 hours of being on site this dog was safe. She was all business getting things done, but as soon as that trap closed, the amount of love she had for that little man...an animal she never even met was amazing. Watching her work was incredible.

Martha Boulanger 


This organization is beyond awesome. I personally witnessed them rescuing a dog... BROOKE.. that was hanging out in the woods for almost a year. Neighbors tried to rescue the dog but once Buddha got involved, Brooke was caught, and found a forever home in rapid time!! They know their stuff!!

M A Grundy Mang


Danica from the Mt. Pleasant shelter has been rescued after over 100 days on the run......I think she had guardian angels with her and they directed Buddha Rescue in this miracle....we are all so ecstatic for her..

Janet Harris


I am always amazed by Nicole's instinctive ability to locate and bring home doggies. As a member of the Sato Project family, she has helped us find our lost treasures and I/we are so unbelievable grateful and in awe!!! THank you so much for what you do. xoxoxo

Lisa Paris


My little Petals escaped from the dog sitter while I was on vacation. All attempts to catch her were ineffective and drove Petals further into hiding. BDRR took her case and trapped/rescued Petals on the 8th day. Nicole was a Godsend. She kept me sane during those missing days and hours and most importantly saved little Petals. Nicole truly cares about our 4-legged kids. I count my blessings that she was there for us. She is truly awesome!

Pam Johnson


Our Harper is home and our family is once again whole because of Nicole from Buddha Dog Rescue. When Nicole called to say those magic word “I got her” I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I thought I was never going to see our girl again. Thank you is just not enough!

Kathryn Martin