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So many families are looking for their lost pets, but there are also so many stray, abandoned, lost souls out there who have no one looking for them, no families to call their own. They rely on each and everyone of us to be their voice, do not let them fall between the cracks, if you see something, say something, speak up, speak loud and be heard for them!

I work endlessly on lost dogs but my heart and soul has always gravitated to the stray and abandoned and I will ALWAYS help when I can. Some of the...

Pilot aka Highway

We arrived and all we heard is "you ain't never gonna get that dog".There are many stories swirling around about how this little dog ended up on the highway and for how long he's been out there. I have spoken directly with the owner. The truth is...the dog is from North Carolina, he went missing in Rocky Mount, NC about five years ago, owner couldn't remember exact date. He travelled approximately 63 miles via I95 to where he settled for the last three years off 95 at several truck stops between North Carolina and the Virginia border. He was...


Zeyt a terrified Sato went missing in Kenilworth, NJ has been safely captured in Yorktown Heights, NY after twenty two days on the run. Zeyt was traveling the Taconic State Parkway and the power lines. How he got to Yorktown Heights we may never know but he his finally safe!  






GOTCHA!!!! Jenny missing from Haskell, NJ is safe after eleven days on the run. Welcome home Jenny!!!


Jenny finding the feeding station and safely captured 2.5 hours later!



Babycakes is home after 12 exhaustive days on the run. Fortunately Babycakes took shelter from the rain storm this morning sound asleep on a deck not far from our trap and the homeowner knew not to approach because he received our robo call that stated do not chase and immediately called animal control.

Although this is a happy ending we were met with so much conflict and interference throughout the rescue. I am posting her story because it is an important one for people to understand how constant interference and searching can hinder a recovery.

I began...