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Support for Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery allows us to help as many missing, lost and abandoned pets as possible. BDRR receives countless calls each week requesting assistance in helping locate lost and missing pets, and although BDRR volunteers the cost of as many rescues as possible each month, unfortunately, the demand is far greater than we can afford to offset on a regular basis.

Support will allow Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery to offer our services for strays, pet owners or rescues with assistance in locating and recovering their lost pets. Every rescue/search has expenses involved, including gas, tolls, lodging, printing, bait food, equipment, etc.

We know without a doubt, each pet owner we have worked with, knows that Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery always goes above and beyond in the search for their missing pet, and the outline of our services fall very short of what we actually offer on an ongoing basis. While BDRR cannot offer a guarantee that we can get every lost pet home, BDRR can guarantee the best chances of success in getting a lost pet home with our help.

We are not a 501(c)(3) donations are not tax deductible.

Here is also a link to our Amazon Wish List of much needed supplies.

Your support means more lost, abandoned and stray dogs can be helped. Your support saves and changes lives, thank you for caring!