Capture & Recovery

This is the final phase in the recovery of your lost pet. All the hard work that we have done has led to this moment. Strategic placement and proper set up, is the key to successfully capturing and recovering a lost pet.

BDRR has been called in on many cases after traps were set up incorrectly. The dog was at the trap, but did not go in or worse went in and did not set off trap because of improper set up and sadly the dog moved on. Most often, you have one shot to get it right, do not put the recovery of your beloved lost pet in the hands of inexperienced trappers. 

Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery has custom built enclosure traps, specifically designed for larger dogs who will not fit or go in to a standard size humane trap or "trap savvy" dogs who have been trapped before. We have collaborated with one of the top trap manufacturers and have the largest custom humane traps available.

Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery has over a decade of successful trapping experience and has successfully captured countless dogs and other lost pets. 

 Success Stories