Pilot aka Highway

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We arrived and all we heard is "you ain't never gonna get that dog".There are many stories swirling around about how this little dog ended up on the highway and for how long he's been out there. I have spoken directly with the owner. The truth is...the dog is from North Carolina, he went missing in Rocky Mount, NC about five years ago, owner couldn't remember exact date. He travelled approximately 63 miles via I95 to where he settled for the last three years off 95 at several truck stops between North Carolina and the Virginia border. He was incredibly trap savvy due to prior rescue attempts and would not go in to any trap or enclosure. Time was not on our side due to the long distance and leaving without him was simply not an option. We never left the truck stop except to sleep for an hour or two at the hotel and then we were back at it. We built a corral and held our breath that this would work. On queue Pilot appeared at the truck stop barking and announcing his arrival, and we were there to greet him. Within about 10 minutes we had him lured in the corral and when we saw on camera that he was halfway in, we dove out of the truck and closed him in and tackled him. His five years running 95 are over!!!

Sadly this story will not have the reunion we so hoped for. I spoke with the owner and he said "we can have him" and then left a message stating "just tell them you found a dog with no collar on him and help yourself, have a good day" Sooooo, with that being said "Pilot" is making the trip back to NY with us and on to a better life!! As with many of my strays he will be going in the trusted care of Stephanie Pearl at Second Chance Pet Adoption League. This has been such a journey for this little guy but trust me when I tell you he will experience nothing but pure unconditional love from here on out. Welcome to your new life baby boy!!




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