Monitoring & Surveillance

Monitoring and surveillance is an essential phase in the recovery process to get your lost pet home. Proper set up of feeding stations, monitored by cameras, using top of the line, hi tech equipment can be the difference in determining whether your pet is in a particular location or has moved on. Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery has equipment that enables us to monitor the most remote locations, with out disturbing an area and risk scaring your pet away. 

Monitoring and surveillance is critical while in the trapping phase. Most often when setting up feeding stations, you will also be dealing with myriad local wildlife. It is essential that these feeding stations are constantly monitored to assure that the food supply is still present. Making sure the trap is free from wildlife and other pets is one of the most difficult aspects in trapping. Twenty four hour monitoring and surveillance is often required. In hot, cold or inclement weather, monitoring around the clock is vital to assure the safety of your pet, as well as any other animal that may go into the trap. If your dog sees another animal trapped it could dramatically set back the recovery efforts or worse cause the dog to move on.

Most people have no concept of the amount of work that goes in to the recovery of a lost pet. This phase of the process is one of the most time consuming, exhausting and difficult.