Feeding Stations

A feeding station is one of the most important tools in the recovery a lost dog. 

To set up a food station, put stinky food on the ground that will help attract your lost dog back to a location where it was sighted. Smelly food, such as hot dogs, canned dog food, Vienna sausages, chicken... the smellier the better. 

To enhance the feeding stations we use liquid smoke. It is a pungent hickory, mesquite smell... a BBQ in a bottle!! Spray it on the ground near the food and trail it. Spray the trunks of trees and nearby vegetation to help hold the scent.

Who ate the food?

A feeding station should ALWAYS be properly monitored with a trail camera or home surveillance camera such as Ring or Nest. Trail cameras can be purchased at most Tractor Supply stores, Walmart or Amazon.

Without knowing what is eating the food it can prolong your search.

A trail camera is very important in a lost dog search. It is a device that records images, either as a still photograph or a video. It is a rugged and weatherproof camera designed for extended and unmanned use outdoors and runs on batteries. 

When the lost dog goes to the food station, it takes a photo and puts a time stamp on the photo, which will help you determine your missing dog’s feeding pattern. 

Trail camera will also tell you if raccoons, cats, skunks, opossums or other wildlife are eating the food instead of your lost dog.

Once your dog finds the food source, he/she will most likely return. Now you can move forward with the next step of capture and getting a trap set if necessary. 

While we understand not wanting to attract other critters, there is no way to avoid potential wildlife with feeding stations. Food is of the utmost importance in getting your lost dog to settle and or return to an area.