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Savannah missing in Corning, NY has been safely captured after nineteen days on the run. 

Though she be but little, she is not ever let anyone tell you that the little ones can't survive, they can and they will.

Savannah crossed the river a week ago after being pushed out of an area where she was continuously chased. We surmise she crossed the Denison Parkway bridge and was spotted running out in front of a car and across very dangerous East Corning Road and up in to the woods. The people who spotted her had seen a poster and were certain it was our girl. On Tues a gentleman named Joel walked in to the woods and spotted her and snapped a photo with his phone, thankfully, he knew enough not to pursue or chase her. A properly set up feeding station monitored by camera was set up, we needed to know that she was returning and was not spooked off again. She returned numerous times through the course of the night, eating every bite of food. The next day we hiked a trap up the very steep (understatement) vertical incline, deep in to the woods. Not too long after little Miss Savannah, rhinestone collar and all made her appearance. Within two hours she was safely captured.

I can't stress enough that when you see a lost and frightened dog, do not chase or pursue. Even calling their name will cause them to run, this is why I keep the dogs name off of flyers and posters. Savannah was in survival mode and running from everyone including her family. The most pampered, well loved, well adjusted dog can go in to survival mode. The biggest hurdle in lost dog recovery is getting people to stop chasing and pursuing the dog. Savannah was pushed in to a very dangerous area which made recovery that much more difficult. Psychics telling the owner the dog was being cornered in a barn by wolves and packs of coyotes only scared the family more...please everyone stop the nonsense and stop chasing lost dogs!! This was a happy ending thankfully and Savannah is one fierce, bad ass, little girl!!!



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