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Running scared in Middletown/ Wallkill, NY for at least a week that we know of, this gentle frightened girl has been safely captured. 

I found fresh tracks in the snow this morning and off in the distance I spotted her huddling up against a building trying to stay warm from the cold wind. 

I quickly set the trap and squirted liquid smoke all over in the hopes that she would catch scent of it. After about ten minutes she came out from the back of the building and sat on the sidewalk watching to make sure no one was watching her. 

I watched as her nose went up in the air, she smelled the liquid and turned and made her way to the trap. Within moments she was walking in to the trap and finally safe!

I have fittingly named her, Valentine.

She does not have a microchip but will held on a stray hold. She is safe and sound at Pets Alive, snuggled up in a warm bed with a full belly. 

Thank you to Melanie, the Wallkill animal control officer who is always there when I need her and Pets Alive for once again offering a soft place to land for an animal in need. 

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


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