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Covered in mud from our head to our toes but it was worth it to get those kisses!!!

Gracie got spooked by a loud noise from construction on a neighboring property. She climbed up and over a five foot chain link fence and bolted.

I headed to the area before the sun came up this morning, I was hopeful that with it being quiet that she may make an appearance. 

At 6:30 this morning, in the distance I saw something dart across the road and run in to the woods. I was hopeful it was Gracie.

Gracie is usually drawn to other dogs, so I brought one of mine with me in the hopes that he could help lure her. I walked over and sat in the swampy woods for about an hour and a half armed with stinky hot dogs and my partner Finn. We heard movement but remained still. The sound was getting closer and closer until I had visual conformation it was our girl!

She was extremely hesitant but very curious about Finn. She started barking at us and Finn wagged his tail and laid down in a playful stance, all while I remained seated on the the mud. She made her way closer and closer and while she was sniffing Finn, I was able to grab her. 

Finn walked out of those woods flithy but so proud of himself, he always knows when he is a on a rescue mission with his momma.

Gracie was smitten with her new beau and all she wanted to do was play and give kisses.

Welcome HOME Gracie!!! Bath time for everyone!!!


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