The Bronx Stray

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I find myself questioning humanity more and more. This rescue has been incredibly disturbing and emotional for all involved. 

This past Wednesday we were made aware of a frightened, stray dog running in Bronx Park East. To make matters worse the park backs directly up to the Bronx River Parkway with cars whipping by. 

The dog kept running from a marsh area on the edge of the Parkway and taking cover high up on the rocks in the park by a homeless encampment. It was his safe place, his lookout where he could see all that was going on around in the park. 

What we learned was that his “safe place” was anything but…

To our horror, a deceased grey and white pitbull was found on these rocks. We believed that this may be the reason our dog kept going back. Could this be his buddy, could they have been dumped together, was he hit on the Parkway and went up to the rocks to pass? I’m not sure we will ever know. Before days end today we would learn that there was not one but TWO deceased dogs. This was a dumping ground for a monster!!!

Thankfully, this afternoon just as it started to rain, our boy finally made his way to the trap and followed his hungry belly into the trap to safety. 

To our shock, he was microchipped. Through the chip company I was able to contact the rescue where he was adopted from as a puppy on January 21, 2023 to an adopter who lives in Shrub Oaks, NY.  The adopters number is no longer in service. Did you re-home this dog, did you dump him? Whatever the case may be, we will be thoroughly investigating this situation and you will be held accountable, we know who you are! 

Laura Dellate, Kristina Marie, Dawn Reilly… without your dedication, love and pure bad assery this rescue would not have been possible. I’m proud to have a tribe of women who aren’t afraid to trudge into the unknown and get sh*t done!!!

He is now safe and sound and that’s what’s important right now. If anyone has any information regarding this case, please contact us through private message.



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