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Monday I was contacted about Jett missing in Green Township, NJ. She had just been adopted and slipped her harness within twelve hours of arriving at her new home. The property was vast and backed up to thousands of acres of the Whittingham Wildlife Management area. 

I arrived and set up a trap believing that she was hiding out and would circle back. Little did I know when I arrived that this dog turned out to be a BDRR alumni, who I had trapped last October as a stray in Stony Point, NY. As soon as I realized who it was, I knew she was not going to go in the trap. 

The next morning we had a sighting of her a little over a mile away. Knowing Jett, I still had faith that she would make her way back to the property. Feeding stations were set and sure enough, at 3am she was on camera and then once again disappeared. 

Jett is a food motivated girl and I knew if she could find the feeding stations, she would keep returning. I had the family get the grill going so we could get that scent wafting throughout the property to help attract her. With the rain storm, we set one of the feeding stations inside the garage. 

During the night she found the food and kept coming back, but as expected she wanted nothing to do with the trap. 

This morning, Jett’s new mom, Tina called and said I see her outside by the pond, what do I do? I instructed her to calmly go out and sit butt to the ground in the driveway with stinky hot dogs. In the short time that Jett was there, she started to form a bond with Tina and I knew that there was a chance Jett would go to her. While on the phone with Tina coaching her, she tossed hot dogs and Jett slowly but surely made her way closer and closer and finally close enough for Tina to grab her collar. Jett was fighting it and trying to back out but Tina held on!! 

Jett is finally safe and sound inside. The family was so wonderful to work with and Tina, I’m so damn proud of you! Thank you for trusting in me to help bring this girl home.

Welcome back Jett! 






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