Stray Blairstown Cat

Posted by Nicole Asher on

After more than two years roaming the areas of Edge Hill, Heller Hill and the surrounding areas in Blairstown, NJ, this stray is finally safe. 

Due to his gentle disposition he coexisted peacefully with the local wildlife and was frequently seen feeding with his possum and fox friends. Cats can be territorial and being a submissive cat he was repeatedly attacked by other neighborhood cats, which most likely caused his eye injury. 

Due to this injury, it was imperative that it be brought to safety to get the medical attention it desperately needed. 

The cat was incredibly trap savvy due to failed prior capture attempts. Conditioning the cat to a larger trap took a lot of time and patience not to mention battling other critters, resident cats and bad weather.  Finally, on Thursday night after the cat was comfortably going all the way in, we set the trap for capture and were finally able to bring it to safety. 

Thank you Sherry from Heller Hill for contacting me and Debbie Crotty for allowing this capture process on your property and working with me to bring this beautiful cat to safety.

Animal control responded and transported the cat to the vet where it will receive much needed medical attention and be scanned for microchip. It will then be going into the care Common Sense for Animals, thankfully they were able to make room for this cat in need and we are so grateful.

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