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Starla arrived for a meet and greet at a potential adopters house yesterday in Stone Ridge, NY. While being introduced to the other dog, she was taken off leash in a very large fenced in area. Starla, already very  timid, managed to jump up and out of the eight foot deer fencing and bolted into the woods.

I began working with the family within a matter of hours. A plan was put in place and feeding station was set. Starla retuned to the area of our feeding station later that night. Attempts to lure her into another fenced in area were unsuccessful as was using a magnet dog that she knew from her current foster. We knew the only option was to trap her. 

This evening a trap was set and within a few short hours sweet, Starla was safely captured. 

Starla's story is a cautionary tale, even in a fenced in yard, a frightened dog can potentially escape. When bringing new rescues to any new environment, new home, please keep them secure and leashed. It takes time for a new rescue to learn and trust that they are safe. 

Great job to the Levy family who worked so hard to bring her to safety!

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