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Carly escaped her foster mom when her carrier broke in the parking lot at the animal hospital.


She was crossing very dangerous roads. Sightings that were coming in were miles apart, she was on the move and moving fast! 

Yesterday we had a sighting of her running off into the woods behind a condominium complex. Trap was set but there was a lot of activity at the complex and she was a no show. There was huge water source back there and I was hopeful she would stay put.


This morning I headed out at the crack of dawn, at 4am, to make the hour and half drive to get my trap freshly baited and set. I hiked the trap down a ravine and deep into the woods where she had been the day before. While there I caught a glimpse of her and quickly threw down the trap and got out of there. Within 20 mins my camera was going off and little Miss Carly was edging her way to the trap.

Traveling approximately 7.5 miles and eleven days on the run in Hillsborough, NJ, Carly has been safely captured!!!

Thank you to everyone who called in sightings, hung posters and sent good vibes for a happy ending. A huge thanks to Jill, her husband and two beautiful little girls who let us use their property early on and were always there when needed.

Welcome back Carly, no more running sweet girl!!

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