Harper in Lafayette, NJ is captured!

Yesterday morning a houseguest didn’t full latch a gate inside the home and she was able to escape. No matter how careful you are things happen in a split second to the best of us. 

Harper had been recently trapped a few months prior to her adoption so I knew trapping her in a conventional trap would be difficult. Thankfully, they had a fenced in yard and we used it to our advantage. 

I set up a trail of food leading into the fence and up to the decking. Cameras were positioned so that if and when she came back, I would call the family who would sneak out the open garage and quietly close the fence gate. 

At 11:48 my cameras started going off. Harper was making her way down the walkway and up the stairs to the deck. I made  the call that she was up on the deck… Tim made his way out, barefoot in the snow and closed the gate.