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On Sunday, Toby, a new rescue in Stewartsville, NJ had escaped a door that was ajar and darted across a road where he was hit by a car. 

Although injured, he was still running scared on three legs.

Early this morning as the sun was coming up Toby’s mom, Regina received the call that would lead to Toby’s capture and  reunion.

Courtney Hanisak received a Ring camera video from her neighbor asking if this was “the missing dog”.

Courtney immediately called Toby’s mom who immediately called me. I instructed her to get over there with her other dog, Lu armed with hot dogs and sit on the ground and calmly try to lure him. 

Regina arrived and sat at a distance softly speaking to him. At first, Toby sat like a statue staring at her but eventually made his way towards her and the crinkling bag of hot dogs. After about ten minutes she said “I got him!” Toby was finally safe.

This was such a huge group effort with a beautiful outpouring of love and support from so many in the community.

Thank you to everyone who banded together to help, the drone operator, Susan, Lisa Roderer Cace and all the property owners on Timberick, Lows Hollow and Richline Hill, who allowed feeding stations and cameras. Endless gratitude to Courtney for making that call!!! 

Stinky hot dogs and a determined momma bear… I’m so proud of you Regina for staying calm and never giving up even when I know at times you felt hopeless. 

Toby is now at the animal hospital receiving amazing care. He has a fractured leg that needs surgery and is badly bruised. Please send healing vibes to this sweet boy, he’s been through so much.


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