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When you think the smallest can’t survive, I want you to remember Chelsea. 

Chelsea’s story began when she bolted from an open door, while being watched by a family friend.

Sightings were few and far between as she travelled approximately three and a half miles. At one point even being spotted in Rutgers stadium and in a yard romping with a fox. 

It wasn’t until posters were finally hung on Friday and a little “detective” work to decipher the details of vague sightings that were posted, that the we were able to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. 

With the temperatures continuing to drop and an impending snowstorm on the way, time was of the essence. A trap was set and within an hour we had received a call she had crossed over Morris Ave, the opposite direction of the trap. I knew she’d circle back and within a half hour she was on my camera, cautiously investigating the trap, then darted off. 

All night long she could be seen running down the streets and disappearing into properties.  At 1:22AM when the neighborhood fell quiet and she felt safe enough to come back, she made her way into the trap, ending her twenty three days on the run.

This little one survived snow and bitterly cold freezing temperatures. Don’t give up hope, their will to survive is strong!

Thank you to the residents of Matthew Court who allowed us access to their properties and tremendous thanks to my friend Gabby and her daughters Sophie and Gracie for hanging posters and all their help in bringing Chelsea home. 

***In these freezing temps please never leave a trap set unless you can properly monitor it and be there immediately if the dog/ cat or any other animal goes in.

Welcome Home Chelsea!!!


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