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Bailey missing in Warwick, NY has been safely reunited with her family after four days.

While the family was out hanging posters, sightings started pouring in, Bailey was running route 17A. The strategy was to get ahead of her and have her mom and only her mom, go out and sit on the ground with stinky food and try to calmly lure her in.  

Bailey finally stopped running and was hanging with a group of cows in a huge open area off route 17A. Colleen walked out to the field and calmly sat on the ground, in the snow, softly speaking to Bailey. At one point the cows started to come over to Colleen. Bailey would come closer and then walk away and retreat back to the comfort of her new cow friends. 

Bailey was still in survival mode but she was not feeling threatened because Colleen was not pursuing her, she remained centered and calm, dogs feed off of our energy so staying calm and being patient was crucial.

An hour and ten minutes passed and Colleen's husband said “she just wagged her tail”...that was the moment that Bailey snapped out of survival mode and finally recognized her momma!! Bailey went up to her and immediately started kissing her and rolled over for belly rubs, she didn't even want the bacon, she was just so happy to be reunited with her mom.

Colleen was a rockstar in getting her baby back, for over an hour, she sat in the cold and snow and did exactly what she was guided to do. So many people give up after a short time, this rescue was a true testament of patience. 

Aside from smelling like cow, Bailey is home sleeping off her big adventure. Welcome Home Bailey!


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