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Zucchini gave her parents a huge scare when she got spooked and wiggled out of her collar at Mt. Prospect Park in Brooklyn.  

She was on the run and was hanging out in the Botanical Gardens, where traps and cameras were set. This afternoon we got a call that she was running all over Crown Heights, scared and in survival mode. 

We gathered a team of people and headed out to hang posters. While out postering, Zucchini’s dad got out of the car to hang a poster when he caught a glimpse of her in his side mirror and within seconds she was between his feet, right up against her dad!!! 

Thank you to all the amazing people who came from near and far, even a family member who was flying to NY to help. We were able to track her movements through everyone who saw the posters and called in sightings. The security crew at the Botanical Gardens who allowed us access even though they were closed. What an incredible group effort that led to the best start to the New Year!!   

Welcome Home Zucchini and Happy New Year!!!

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