Flemington Goat "Roger"

Posted by Nicole Asher on

Our friends at GoatsofAnarchy called yesterday, there was a male goat running around Flemington, NJ for a few weeks and it needed to be captured.

We learned that this goat was quite the escape artist. While on the lam, he had been on two different properties but broke out of both and at one point with two cows in tow.

In the past few days he was hanging between a few properties. He would stand against dryer vents and up against a heated shed for warmth.

A feeding station was set yesterday with all sorts of goat goodies and first thing this morning I headed out to set an enclosure. When I arrived I found him taking shelter in a nearby window well on a property across the street. As the day went on we grew increasingly concerned, he seemed lethargic and we were told that he had been seen vomiting. We couldn't wait for him to find the enclosure, time was of the essence we needed to get him tonight!

I observed his behavior and travel patterns throughout the day and was able to drive him right into an enclosed porch to safety tonight.

We can't thank the property owners enough for being so willing to work with us and let us do whatever was needed to bring this boy to safety and out of the cold.

He was immediately brought to GOA where a vet was waiting to treat him. It is suspected that he may have eaten something poisonous. He was given four bags of fluids and pain meds and already seems to be perking up. Leanne will be treating him every couple hours throughout the night, so please send prayers and healing thoughts that he will be ok. He is in the best possible care with GOA and is already so loved.


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