Vito & Gracie

Posted by Nicole Asher on

Two city slickers, Vito and Gracie, went on a hiking/ camping trip with their owners and took off from Pillsbury Mountain in West Canada Lake Wilderness Area in the Adirondacks.

Vito and Gracie went missing yesterday morning and I began working with them over the phone last night. A plan was implemented and put in to play immediately. 

I explained that in hiking situations, dogs will usually return to the point of entry (trail head or parking area) or point of escape. We had Vitos owner, Jake hike back down to the trail head and spend the night in the car, in case they showed up at parking area. Dirty clothes with their scent were hung from the car and food was placed out. Gracie’s owner and the other campers stayed at the campsite in case they came back to the point of escape. I was certain they were going to come back to one of these locations. We made sure that at both locations someone would be present if they showed up. 

This morning the dogs had yet to show. I had them go buy meat and grill at the campsite. Posters were distributed to the rangers, trail heads, campers, hikers and nearby campsites. Friends made the five hour trek from NYC to help search. 

Today at 3:30 this afternoon , the two hooligans made their way back to the campsite (point of escape) like nothing happened, oblivious to the panic they caused. Tonight they all checked in to a hotel, ordered pizza and will get a well deserved good night sleep!!

Welcome back Vito and Gracie!

Thank you to Eagle Valley Search for the referral, I am always happy to help!!


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