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Bailey missing in Ewing, NJ is HOME after five days on the run!!!

Through extreme heat, rain, hail storms, and several days with no sightings, Bailey’s family never gave up hope.

Hundreds of posters were hung, rail road tracks were walked where we found her prints. Woods were scoured, feeding stations were set. No stone was left unturned. 

Today posters were expanded and several sightings started coming in. Bailey’s mom and dad, Austin and Cheyenne canvassed the area. 

Bailey was in survival mode and had run from her owners within the first two days of her being missing. I began working with them and went over a strategy of what to do if they sighted her. As always, sit on the ground, stay calm and allow her to come to them on her terms. For days I repeated this over and over to them like a mantra. 

This evening we were preparing to set a trap when Bailey’s uncle, Garrett spotted her behind a fence. He sat down on the ground and allowed her time to recognize him. Sure enough after a few moments, Bailey came out of survival mode and went to the fence jumping up and wagging her tail….Bailey’s adventure was over!!! 

Austin, Cheyenne and Garrett you were phenomenal to work with, so devoted and never once did you complain about doing the things needed, it was always what else can we do? I’m so proud of you guys,  because of your unwavering dedication your baby girl is home!!!

Thank you also to Kevin Ranallo for all your help, you were such a source of comfort and guidance to the family as well.

Welcome H💗ME Bailey!!!!    

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