The Bloomingburg Stray / SnowCone

Posted by Nicole Asher on

 The Bloomingburg, NY stray has been safely captured! 

This beautiful being according to residents in the town say that he/ she has been on the run for two and a half - to- three years!!

A good samaritan posted a plea for help on facebook. I immediately headed out and located the abandoned, run down trailer that this dog was taking shelter under. The floors of the trailer had collapsed and the stench of mold was overwhelming.

I set up for capture yesterday afternoon and by 4am this morning he/she was safe and on the way to a whole new life. No more running scared, you are safe now and you are loved.

We are unsure yet if this dog is a male or female because the underbelly and backend were so severely matted, it hurt and stressed her/him to look. We are letting this baby decompress and the vet will be doing a full check later this afternoon. The dog was scanned and there is no microchip.

Thank you to Pets Alive who without hesitation agreed to take him in to their rescue and opened their doors for me at the crack of dawn. What a beautiful circle of love that surrounds this pup. Your journey has just begun...


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