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Sailor is safe after a four day adventure in the Delaware Water Gap!

Sailor had accompanied his dad on countless hiking and camping trips and had never strayed or run off...but as I always say...never say never.

We stationed people at trail heads to pass out flyers and stressed the importance of not chasing him and asked them to pin sighting locations on their maps which proved incredibly helpful.  Being the holiday weekend, the trails were inundated with hikers causing him to move far and fast. 

Sailor was in full blown survival/ flight mode and ran from his beloved dad, Jason several times. 

With the storms yesterday, things quieted down a bit. As I was parked at one of the trail head parking areas all the way on the other side, miles from where he had entered, a soaking wet Sailor emerged from the woods and trotted right past my truck. Once he was out my view I quickly jumped out and set up the trap. It was still lightly raining so I doused a towel with liquid smoke in the hopes he would smell it and circle back. 

Within the hour, the rain had let up and he was back, nose in the air leading him right to the trap.

With very limited cell service in the areas he was traveling, this rescue brought me back to the days of old school rescue and recovery with no cellular cameras. Yes, I've been doing this for a very long time!!!

Sailor was loaded up into the back of the truck and finally reunited with dad. 

Welcome back Sailor! 

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