The Passaic River Stray "Gregory"

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Safely captured after more than a year on the run in Passaic, NJ

Gregory from Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery on Vimeo.

When my dear friend Francesca Laurita and I heard about the Passaic River Stray, we knew we had to help. I secured rescue and we immediately found an amazing foster, Jessica Lynn, who we knew would be the soft landing that he needed to transition from life on the streets to life in a loving home environment... we all fell in love with him right away.

We immediately headed out last week to the area where he was being sighted. We staked out the area and figured out his travel pattern, he was crossing incredibly dangerous roads and bridges. He would hunker down above the highway and down by the river. He navigated the streets like he was invisible, people and cars passed by him as though he wasn't even there, it was utterly heartbreaking to watch. I asked permission at the church behind Burger King to set up and they were more than gracious and allowed us access to do whatever we needed to do to bring this boy to safety.

He was trap savvy and he had many food sources in the area from Wallington to Passaic so the food in our trap wasn't motivating for him to go right in. To make matters more difficult it was not an area where I could safely leave cameras and enclosures, everything had to be broken down when we would leave. Cars were being cased right next to where we were parked. Yesterday morning I went and set up the bigger enclosure and by 7PM he was finally going in and was time to set for capture. It was not an area that was safe to be alone so I called Frannie and Jess who came out and the three of us sat silently in our cars until 6:30 this morning when he walked in and the door shut on his old life and the door opened to a new life that awaits him filled with security and love. He is no longer the "Passaic River Stray", he has a name, his name is Gregory and he will never be alone or invisible again.

He is not microchipped and will be fully vetted. He needs time and a lot of love to learn to trust people. Updates will be posted as things evolve. If you would like to donate every penny is greatly appreciated and will go towards helping more strays in need. Donate 

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