A Consultation is the first step to help ensure that your search efforts are headed in the direction of success. 

First and foremost, the common misconception in searching for a lost pet is that you are searching for your lost pet based upon what you know of your pet's behavior and personality prior to your pet going missing. It is essential to understand the expected behavioral changes of a pet who is lost, distressed, and behaving in a manner much different than you would expect. Time is extremely critical when your pet goes missing. Knowledge is power and implementing an effective plan of action in the search process can make the difference between your pet getting home safely or not.

Whether your pet is newly missing or has been lost for some time, a consultation will help ensure that your search efforts are headed in the direction of success. Losing a pet is a terrifying experience and can feel overwhelming and hopeless at times. We will help you go over strategy and get your search off to a solid start and ensure all bases are covered. If your pet has been missing a while, we will assess steps that you’ve already taken, examine areas that may require more attention and offer suggestions and insight to the ongoing search efforts that will help you move your search forward and generate fresh leads.

BDRR has helped many owners who feel they have exhausted all avenues. We can assist with a new approach to a stagnant search that is receiving little to no response from the community and start getting results. We can guide owners with newly missing pets to ensure that they are taking the proper steps that can lead to a swift capture and reunion, without wasting time and money on  searching in an ineffective manner.

During your consultation, please be prepared to go over detailed and comprehensive information surrounding the situation during which your pet went missing. Aerial mapping is used as a tool to assist in the strategic placement of posters as well as helping to determine the highest probable direction of travel that your dog is taking. Consultations will cover an effective search strategy, set a prioritized plan of action, as well as provide you with in depth knowledge as to your pet's behavioral profile while missing.