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I have been meaning to post Tala’s story because it is such an important one!!

Tala went missing on May 26th when a Rover pet sitter left a gate open. She was on the run and moving fast... she made her way from Newark, NJ to Roselle Park approximately 7 miles in a couple days.

Poster coverage was expanded and the area was plastered with highly visible color posters. Sightings were coming in spanning a 3 mile radius from Elizabeth to Roselle Park, getting ahead of her with posters was vital.

Sunday morning, Tala's mom received a call...a woman had Tala and stated that she had her since Friday night. Tala was safe with this woman... until she saw the posters. She stated she was waiting to see posters in her area for a lost dog.

Posters are so critical in the recovery of these lost pets. So many people do not contact the authorities to report a found animal. If it wasn't for the posters Tala may never have been reunited with her distraught family. Great job to the family who was out there day and night postering and never giving up on being reunited. Thank you Rosa for all your help. It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated family.

If you find a loose dog that you think maybe lost please notify your local animal control immediately.


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