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Dudley in Westtown, NY has been found and reunited!!


Not all lost dogs need to be trapped...


Dudley and his brother Huck ran off three days ago. His brother came home late that night but Dudley wasn't with him.


I began working with Dudley's dad, Brian yesterday. Mapping the area, I saw that the pipeline was about half mile from their home where he had run off from. I explained how pipelines/ power lines are super highways for lost dogs. They are essentially a quiet and private pathway where lost dogs can easily travel and hideout. In addition to posters we got Dudley posted on the Ring camera community and Nextdoor apps in the hopes that he would make an appearance. 

The game plan was when a sighting came in, to have Brian walk with their other dog calmly and quietly to the area. If Dudley was sighted to sit down, butt to the ground and use Huck as the magnet dog.

This morning a sighting came in from a woman who had spotted Dudley two days in a row on her ring camera and posted a video...her property was right off the pipeline! 

Our plan was now in play, Brian went into the woods between her property and the pipeline and sat down with their other dog, he had eyes on Dudley but being in survival mode, Dudley went back into the tall grass to hide. Dudley was barking and whining so we knew he was still close by. I told Brian to get a little closer and stay on the ground, softly speak to Dudley and toss stinky treats in his direction. Within 10 minutes Dudley came out and went to his dad! 

You did such an amazing job Brian, getting bitten by those horseflies and all!!! 



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