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Good morning everyone! 

We are so happy to update that after eight long days on the run, Brownie in Beekman, NY was safely captured last night. 

Brownie, a timid rescue from the Ukraine had just arrived at her new foster home when a noise spooked her and she was able to back out of her collar in the blink of an eye.

Within a few days, Brownie began to settle within a neighborhood with the help of feeding stations to keep her returning. Our trap was set but Brownie was a no show. 

For the next three nights we kept the trap freshly baited in the hopes that she would get hungry and return, but she continued to elude us. 

Early Friday morning, we received a call that Brownie had made her way into a pool. To our horror the video showed her running to an above ground pool with a solar cover and stepping down, not realizing it was water. Brownie had fallen in and for over an hour and a half was desperately struggling to get out. Thankfully she did.

Early yesterday morning, her hungry belly finally got the best of her and she made her way back to our feeding station where we had the trap set earlier in the week. I once again made the two hour trip back to Beekman. By 10pm she was at the trap scoping it out, she patrolled the neighborhood to make sure the coast was clear and within a half hour she was back and walked right in to safety!

Thank you to all who called in sightings and to the Kochie family for allowing us to take over your property for the past week. 

Welcome HOME sweet Brownie!

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