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Twenty six days on the run... Sadie lost in Narrowsburg, NY has been safely captured!!! 

Sadie a Jindo mix from Korea had just arrived in NY the night before she escaped. While being walked in her yard, she bolted with her leash still attached. She was now on the run not only in unfamiliar territory but an entirely new country. Narrowsburg, NY is rural with vast woods and to add to the mix, dragging a leash that could get caught up at anytime!!!

I began working with the family the next day. Hundreds and hundreds of posters were hung, feeding stations were set but sightings were few and far between. A massive search effort by the community and friends of the family took place as it was feared she may be hung up on her leash. Still no Sadie.

More posters went up, Sadies's new mom, Malinde kept the awareness going and in the forefront of her town always stressing if sighted.... Do Not Chase.

This week the posters finally paid off, sightings started coming in, but each sighting was miles from the next. Although she was on the move, we were just relieved to know she was ok and not hung up on her leash. Yesterday she was spotted rummaging through garbage that was in a driveway. The property owner knew not to call out or approach, she called Malinde whispering that Sadie was there and was able to snap a photo of her as she headed in to the trails off her property. A feeding station was set within the hour. Sadie found our feeding station and was back at it eating within a few hours. She shared a good meal with a family of raccoons and a cat, from the looks of it probably her first meal in a long time. She was skinny and hungry and I knew she'd be back.

Today the trap was set and within a couple hours a hungry Sadie was back looking for food. She came right off the trail and right into my trap with no hesitation, still dragging her leash.

I just have to say what a kick ass community Narrowsburg is. You all embraced this little lost dog like she was your own. I truly believe love guided her along with a hungry belly. Thank you everyone for caring and sharing and WELCOME HOME little Sadie, you are loved by so many!! To add to the celebration Sadie is home just in time to celebrate her 1st birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday little peanut, Malinde has a steak waiting for you!! 


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