Buddy missing from Budd Lake, NJ has been safely captured after 9 days on the run. Welcome home baby boy!!

Buddy was running through the vast, dense woods of the Budd Lake Wildlife Management and traveling the power lines.

Yesterday I spent the day hanging posters. Within a few hours, sightings started coming in, old and new. Past sightings were just as important as current ones as it helped to determine his travel pattern.

Yesterday evening a woman sitting on her deck spotted Buddy bolting from her neighbors yard. She had gotten my number off the poster that was just hung. I immediately headed over and found a property that was feeding wildlife. A feeding station and cameras were set and by 2:30 am I had Buddy on camera along with a whole host of critters.

A trap was set this afternoon and by 7:30 PM I watched as Buddy ran out of the woods, off the power lines and straight towards my trap. Within 10 mins of his arrival Buddy's nine day adventure was over.

I can't stress enough the importance of hanging posters. Posters generate sightings that lead to happy reunions!