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Great news... Bruno, the Drahthaar is SAFE & FOUND!!

Bruno bolted two days ago dragging a training lead. Yesterday he was spotted almost two miles from home at a park, thankfully he had chewed off his lead. Speaking with Buno's new mom, I explained how this particular breed of hunting dogs are known runners. Due to the breed characteristics, I felt that there was a strong likelihood of him circling back to point of escape and their neighborhood. Two miles is nothing for this dog to run in such a short time!

A plan was put in place, feeding station was set at the point of escape and they were going to begin blanketed the area with posters.

This morning Bruno was sighted back in her housing development. Joy had been instructed to sit calmly with high value food such as hot dogs. She went over, sat on the ground and without making eye contact she tossed hot dog pieces towards him. Bruno kept running away at first but Joy stayed put. He eventually started collecting all the little pieces of hot dogs and walked over towards her and started eating from a bowl of food she had positioned next to her and was able to grab him. Bruno's short lived adventure was finally over, welcome home Bruno and great job Joy!


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