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After TWENTY ONE DAYS of being stranded on a marsh in Pungo, Virginia, without food, riding out thunderstorms and enduring scorching July heat. Sadie is safe!

A series of gunshots had spooked the 1-year-old blood hound rescue, who was adopted only months earlier. Sadie leaped over the backyard fence and disappeared. Working over the phone with the owner, a plan was put in place with an expansive poster campaign. On July 16, a fisherman was spending a quiet Sunday on North Landing River when he heard a dog howling. At first, he didn’t think much of it since hunting dogs often are in the area. But on his way home, he saw one of our posters for Sadie and called! The owners took a boat across to the marshlands, using a machete to cut through the thicket. Staying on the phone with the owner, I instructed her and her husband to bring their other dog, Charlie to the marsh. With Charlie by her side, she patiently sat with food and slowly but surely through the dense thicket and marsh Sadie appeared. Frightened and in flight mode Sadie was very cautious but very hungry, as she got closer the owner was able to grab her collar and finally bring Sadie to safety. Following up on every lead, understanding survival mode and never ever giving up lead to Sadie's happy reunion!!


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