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At nineteen weeks old, little Hunter backed out of his collar and took off straight into the woods. 

The family had a drone company out early in the morning and he was located approximately a quarter mile straight shot through the woods from where he escaped. Thankfully, he was staying put in an area and hunkering down. After several attempts to catch were unsuccessful, the family reached out to me and I immediately made the hour and a half drive out.

These woods not only had predators but also illegal animal traps that were discovered, it was very dangerous for Hunter to be out there. Time was of the essence to bring this little guy to safety. 

Once the trap was set Hunter came back and circled the trap for hours at one point going halfway in, a step or two shy from the trip plate of the trap. Once darkness fell, He would disappear for hours and I would watch as he made his loop back through the woods, popping back out on to the road and make his way back to muddy woods and the trap. Each time he resurfaced, he would use his lookout log to make sure the coast was clear. Such a smart boy.

I knew that once it got dark he would feel less vulnerable to make his way all the way into the trap to safety… and that’s exactly what he did at 9:18pm. I made the call to his family and they rushed right out to meet me.

Hunter is back home safe and sound with his wonderful new family.  

Hunter is now outfitted with a new martingale collar, slip lead, harness and a GPS tracker on order. 

Welcome HOME Hunter!!




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