Warwick, NY Stray

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At least 21 one days (that we know) of nonstop running, the Warwick stray has been safely captured!

After a week of seeing posts for sightings of a large, skinny cane corso/ great dane looking dog, a concerned resident, Casey Roerden, took matters into her own hands. She reached out to the local authorities and scoured social media. There were no reports or posts of someone missing a dog fitting this description. She then reached out to BDRR and asked for help.

Posters were hung and we posted all over the various lost pet pages, still no one came forward. 

This dog was terrified and running great distances, at times covering over 6 miles within just a few hours. Each day her loop was getting bigger and bigger. She travelled from Warwick, to Greenwood Lake, running along dangerous route 17, route 94, the Appalachian trail, Waywayanda, various apple orchards, the Shoprite and beyond heading towards Vernon, NJ.

The community rallied and called in sightings to us, at all hours. She was mostly active in the middle of the night, desperately searching for food, she was starving. She visited many chicken coops to scrounge for any scraps. Our biggest fear remained the ever present packs of coyotes, it is currently coyote mating season. If they weren’t on my cameras, I would hear their chorus serenading me every night from my truck. I had to be very careful where I was setting up feeding stations, so as not to lure her to her demise. She was extremely smart and I believe the coyotes are in part why she kept moving so far and so fast. 

This past Tues, she finally found one of my feeding stations and she ate every morsel. A trap was immediately set in the hopes that she would come back the following night, but it took five days for her to return. I spent five nights sleeping in my truck fending off critters at the trap and waiting for her arrival. I think I met the entire Warwick Police Dept who came and blinded me with their spotlights every night, so on a side note… Warwick residents, feel safe, they are patrolling your areas very well!! LOL.

This morning at 7:19am she waltzed right up to the trap and went right in for her breakfast without an ounce of hesitation, thats how hungry she was. 

Thank you to the amazing community of Warwick, NY,  everyone who called in sightings, shared home video surveillance and gave me access to their properties, Danny from Ball Rd, Maskers Orchards, Stephanie on Iron Forge. A huge thank you to the Fitzsimmons family who allowed me access to their property all week to finally bring her to safety. Casey Roerden, thank you for stepping up to be the voice for this frightened girl and getting BDRR on board to find her and bring her to safety. Suzyn Baron from the Humane Society for taking my call early this morning and meeting me at the trap to load her up and bring her to the shelter.

Such an incredible community effort, and outpouring of love and concern…. this would not have been possible without all of you!!

She is very thin, trembling in fear and looks as though she has recently had puppies. She is now safe and sound at Warwick Valley Humane Society FB Page, thawing out in a warm bed and getting much needed sleep and TLC. You’re safe now sweetheart!!



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