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Babycakes is home after 12 exhaustive days on the run. Fortunately Babycakes took shelter from the rain storm this morning sound asleep on a deck not far from our trap and the homeowner knew not to approach because he received our robo call that stated do not chase and immediately called animal control.

Although this is a happy ending we were met with so much conflict and interference throughout the rescue. I am posting her story because it is an important one for people to understand how constant interference and searching can hinder a recovery.

I began working with the owner 5 days ago. A strategically placed feeding station was set up and in 24 hours we had Babycakes on camera. I had the family expand their poster coverage and in doing so we learned that Babycakes was running a 4.3 mile circle through Toms River, crossing very busy roads. Along the the way we discovered a person who had been leaving food out, feeding her off of Fischer Blvd even though we were explicit and had previously asked her not to. We were actively trapping and needed her food motivated to go in the trap and wanted to prevent luring her to dangerous traffic areas. On top of this, Babycakes was repeatedly approached and chased away from the trap that was in a very secluded area. We were even shown video of a foot pursuit full bore chasing her. Even after repeatedly being told not to search, people insisted that searching was the better way when it was in fact only sabotaging any bit of progress we had. On social media people demanding to know her areas so they could search and when told not to they continued to question publicly and put down the efforts causing the family unneeded, added stress.

I was contacted because the previous efforts and methods of searching were not working. People need to respect the direction and wishes that the OWNER of the dog has chosen to take while being guided by someone with experience that they chose to work with! Too many inexperienced cooks in the kitchen only prolong rescue efforts and only cause more stress and turmoil in a rescue and for the distraught family. Luckily  this was a happy ending and we were able to get Babycakes home.




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