Ruckus - The Bronx Stray

Posted by Nicole Asher on

A few days ago a woman named Erika Murphy reached out to me, she saw a plea on facebook by a woman named Mara Lopez regarding a little terrier that she would see from the train on her daily commute through the Bronx in NYC. The little dog was running the tracks between a couple stops on the dangerous Metro North/ Acela tracks and a park off the tracks since at least Sept 27th.

The little guy hadn't been seen in two days and concern grew that he had met a terrible fate. I contacted my dear friend Denise from Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs who lived not too far from the area and asked her to check out the area for me, we mapped his travel route and figured out the safest spot to lure the dog to, that would be out of harms way for the dog and safe for me to trap. Sure enough after two days of no sightings to our relief, he finally made an appearance. Food was put down and this morning as I arrived he was back looking for breakfast. The trap was set and within a few hours he was safely captured. I named the little guy Ruckus, we immediately transported him to the vet and he will be in the loving care of Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs. Thank you Mara for posting to get this little guy help. As always if you see something say something!


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