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 and had to return back to North Carolina the day after she escaped.  Rockxy was now on the run in completely unfamiliar territory. 

She was running two to three miles a day, each morning appearing in a different town, never returning to the same spot. She travelled through Piscataway, South Plainfield, Plainfield, Dunellen and Middlesex. Each time she was sighted, well intentioned people would approach and she would RUN for her life. 

This morning we received a sighting and it was the first time she was not chased. She ran behind a home and hunkered down. A couple hours later she emerged and was on the run again but staying between four homes. I quickly set the trap and within minutes she found it. Just as she was at the trap, a car backing out of a driveway across the street, in the distance spooked her and she ran back behind some houses. She came back and was circling the trap again but got scared off yet again. 

She darted into a large fenced yard where we still could not get near her and had to be cautious that she wouldn’t get out from underneath. The trap was moved in the yard and we were able to trap her, ending her nine days on the run!! 

What an incredible team effort this was. Her family and I worked day and night around the clock to bring her to safety. Thank you to everyone who called in sightings and especially to Bertrum John who so graciously allowed us access to his property. 

Welcome Home Roxcky and sleep well tonight Wilson knowing your baby girl is safe, warm and being cared for by your dedicated family.


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