Pine Island Beagles

Posted by Nicole Asher on

Today I received a call for help from our friends at Goshen Humane. There were two beagles, suspected to be dumped, running the onion fields in Pine Island, NY

Trapping  two dogs in the same location can be tricky, if one sees the other trapped, it can make the other trap savvy. Dogs are smarter than people give them credit for and trapping two dogs in survival mode is like playing a game of chess, each move is well thought out.

Two traps were set apart from one another. While one of the beagles was investigating one, the other went right in another. These two girls were incredibly bonded and once one was trapped and safely in the car, the other was more focused on looking for her sister than she was on the food in the trap.

The trap with her sister was then placed behind the open trap and pallets were placed along side with the hopes that she would go in to be close to her sister. Within minutes she circled and tried to get to her sister and then went right in to be with her. 

We’ve named them Jingle and Belle. They are now both safe and sound in the loving care of Goshen Humane. If you know anything about where these two frightened little ones came from please contact Goshen Humane directly.


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