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Rocko, has been safely captured after ten days on the run, traveling over four and half miles from home, in Glen Gardner, NJ.

An all too familiar story of a brand new rescue escaping from his new home. Rocko saw an opportunity to escape through a patio door and bolted.

This little guy covered a lot of territory with sightings few and far between. 

Hundreds of posters were hung, numerous feeding stations and cameras were set but he kept moving. Getting ahead of him with our poster coverage was vital. 

Today after a several days of no sightings, we got the break we needed. A homeowner who saw one of our posters spotted Rocko bedded down in a leaf pile. They didn’t approach him and called us immediately. 

I raced to the area but was told he had moved on already. Thankfully, when I arrived to the area I spotted him hunkered down again.  I quickly set up the trap and threw a trail of liquid smoke in his direction. Before I could get back to my truck he was already up and following the scent trail of the liquid smoke... he was so hungry! I dove across the seat of the truck so he wouldn’t see me and watched as he made his way into the trap to safety. 

Thank you to everyone who allowed feeding stations and called in sightings. Holly Bate for always being a phone call away. 

Welcome HOME Rocko! 



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