Honey Biscuit

Posted by Nicole Asher on

After two days on the run in Palisades, NY, we are overjoyed to share that Honey B (Biscuit) is reunited with his very relieved family!

What started out as a weekend away for a wedding, turned into a nightmare when Honey B darted through a gate as he was being leashed up. 

He travelled along dangerous 9W and the neighborhoods along the way. 

Today after having hung flyers, sightings started pouring in. Mapping the locations, we discovered the ideal spot to set up a feeding station. 

While going door to door to speak with residents, we were surprised to end up face to face with an equally surprised Honey B. He initially ran from his mama, Kennedy and his fur sibling, Walter. 

We felt that he would circle back and had Kennedy sit on the ground and play Walter. 

With the smell of food and liquid smoke permeating the air, he started to make his way over. He immediately recognized his brother Walter who was wagging his tail and so excited to see him. Kennedy stayed very calm on the ground as guided and continued to play with Walter without making eye contact as he was nearing closer and closer. Within moments, he came from behind Kennedy and in that moment of recognition he planted a big smooch on his mama and she was able to grab hold of his collar ending his weekend adventure in New York. 

We are so happy for his devoted family and BDRR volunteer, Dawn, who moved mountains to bring this boy to safety.

A huge thank you to the amazing residents of Century Road who graciously allowed us access to their properties, we are truly grateful.

Welcome back Honey Biscuit and have a safe trip back to North Carolina!


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