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Pepper’s five day adventure from West Milford, NJ to Greenwood Lake, NY came to a happy end last night. 

Peppers mom, Camille worked tirelessly to bring her boy home. We had explained to her  that dogs in “survival mode” will often not recognize their owners and run from them. When Pepper and Camille came face to face on the trail while setting up a camera, she was prepared with the knowledge and did all the right things, dropping to the ground and staying calm, but it was still a crushing blow when he turned and ran back in the woods. 

A trap was set yesterday evening and by 9:45 Pepper came off the trail and was cautiously circling the trap. He’d disappear then come back until his hunger and the smell of the yummy food outweighed his fear and he took those final steps in. At 11:30 I made the call… “we got him!” 

A big thank you to all who called in sightings, the family who graciously allowed us access to their property to trap. Cindy Rinehart from Lost West Milford Pets fb page who was a constant source of guidance and comfort to the family and Joanie from Warwick Humane Society. It was a beautiful collaboration to get this sweet boy reunited with his family. 

Welcome HOME Pepper!! 


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