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At only 17 weeks old, newly adopted Pac wiggled out his harness and escaped in Newburgh, NY. Two people witnessed him being hit by a vehicle then running off into a swampy area. The area was searched with no sign of the little one. Fears for his safety grew with no sightings for days.

We advised to leave food at the point of escape and thankfully the neighbors Ring camera caught him passing through. With the rain storms moving in, a trap was set in the open garage and little Pac was safely captured last night by team BDRR after a week on the run.

I may sound like a broken record but I will keep screaming it from the rooftops....dogs escape and wiggle out of their harnesses all the time, even ones that are snuggly fitted. For ALL new arrivals we stress using two forms of restraint simultaneously...harness AND a properly fitted Martingale collar. Double leash new arrivals and skittish dogs... one clip attached to the collar and one attached to the harness. One simple extra step can save you and your dog from heartbreak and a future call to us. 

Welcome Home little Pac man, we are so happy we could reunite you with your new family. 


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