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Maggie went missing last night from an adoption event at the Paramus Petco on extremely dangerous route 17.

I was on my way to Chappaqua for Balierion when I got the call for help. I immediately contacted my friend Kristin from Tyco Animal Control Services and asked if she could head out and set a trap, I knew Maggie was going to come back to the point escape. Within minutes Kristin was out the door and on her way over.

Sure enough Maggie was making her way back to the Petco parking lot but was spooked by cars that were approaching her and once again she was gone. 

The rescue showed up in hopes that they could lure Maggie but she wasn’t having it and it was pushing her further away. 

On my way home from Chappaqua, I made a detour to Paramus and met Kristen. I asked the rescue to give us one of the dogs that Maggie was attracted to and then asked them to leave the area. 

With Max on a long lead we walked him through the lot and around the trap. Maggie intently watched from a distance. We went back in the car and waited patiently as Maggie circled the trap and finally went into safety. 

With lost dogs, removing what I call the “background noise” of people and searches, it allows the dog to calm down. It can be the hardest thing to do “nothing” when in fact calm and quiet is everything in bringing these dogs to safety. 

Maggie has some injuries and is now at the vet receiving much needed medical care. 

Thank you to Tyco for always being there and collaborating with me on another successful recovery.  As they say…teamwork makes the dream work .


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