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Balierion has been reunited with his dad!!

Although I began working with the family at the tail end of Bales journey, it was beautiful to witness the love and devotion that Marcus and his family had towards finding him. 

Last night Bales travel pattern became more evident. This morning a sighting came in, he was not far from our feeding station. 

Marcus went in the woods quietly and they spotted each other from a distance. Still unsure, Bales stood there watching and listening as Marcus kept talking and saying his name. Finally, like a light switch going off, that moment of recognition clicked and Bales ran right into his dads arms!!!!

Marcus carried his boy out of the woods, into the safety of his car ending a week long nightmare. 

The entire community embraced this family with pure love and support. The Chappaqua moms group, you are a whole next level of bad assery and we are so grateful for all your help!!!

Balierion was immediately taken to Guardian Veterinary Specialists where aside from a cut on his paw he received a clean bill of health. 

Marcus and Bales are now home thawing out, getting a warm meal and much needed rest. 

Thank you everyone for coming together to reunite Marcus and Bales! 


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