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Luna missing from Budd Lake, NJ has been captured!!!

Luna’s mom and dad left her with a family member while they were on their way to Florida. Luna, being so attached to her dad, almost immediately slipped one of her collars and bolted, most likely trying to find him.

Only three months prior, Luna was a stray, and very skittish to begin with. Initially she was staying close, however, well intentioned people chased her which pushed her out of the area and she disappeared. She was running scared!

The next sighting we received was on the railroad tracks which acted as a super highway for her to travel far and fast. Each sighting she’d be three miles from the last. 

We started getting sightings in areas that backed up to the tracks and the power lines. One of these sightings was an apartment complex where there were managed feral cat colonies that had a plentiful food supply and I was fairly certain Luna would find it. 

Early last night she found the trap and was circling until she was spooked by an approaching car. Distant headlights were enough to make her bolt back into the woods and not return. 

We weren’t going to let a little snow hinder her capture. Today, I left the trap set and in the quiet of the falling snow, Luna finally showed and went right in the trap to safety, ending her thirteen day journey. 

Welcome HOME Luna!




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