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Ten month old Bailey had just arrived at her new home. Before making it inside, she got spooked and pulled away dragging her leash. Living right by the water, in the darkness, of night, they heard a splash and then for three days no sightings. They feared the worst that Bailey had drowned. 

I received a heartbreaking message last night asking if I believed if she could have survived and my answer was absolutely YES! 

I felt that Bailey was still close by and most likely returning to the property during the night when all was quiet. I walked Gloria through a few steps and setting up a feeding station and woke up to the best text… “We saw her!!! She's alive.” 

I loaded up the truck with the trap and my dog, Finn. I was hoping that I could use Finn as a magnet dog to draw her out. Within a short time, I found exactly where she was hunkering down in a neighbors yard. She wasn’t interested in Finn so I knew I had to get the trap in place. 

Within about a half hour she circled back to her safe area and was safely captured after four days on the run. 

Welcome HOME Bailey!




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